The Bateman Family Shoot

Recently, the fall picture shoots started to roll around. Everyone loves a good fall photo, but this year fall foliage decided to wait about a month later than normal to show itself. So, this family photo did not get all the color that we got the year before.

However, the pictures turned out great anyway. Harvey is full of energy, and likes to make monster faces and growls. He also happens to love a good stick. The Bateman’s are joy, and here are a couple of the moments captured!

Grace Divine School - Haiti

Halloween, 2018, was the first day I ever stepped onto the soil of Haiti. At around 11:45AM we unloaded from the plane in Cap-Hatian, Haiti, and began our five day trip on behalf of Ekipe Haiti.

I am very thankful that the Kevin Bowen invited me down to Haiti to photograph all of the children at the Grace Divine School in Cadouche, Haiti. This Christian K-6 school relies on people to sponsor these wonderful children, and I was lucky enough to be asked to take their portraits.

So shy!

So shy!

As it turns out the children were all on holiday the next two days in Haiti. However, they showed up the next day to get their pictures made! They were all decked out in their uniforms, and boy did they look sharp!

Haiti is a beautiful country filled with wonderful people. The poverty is undeniable, and the work this school is doing to eductate these children can be transformitive. I encourage you to check out their website, and maybe consider sponsoring a child.

Big Smile!

Big Smile!

Headshot Magic

Headshots with ID+a

In July I spent some time with local Brentwood company, ID+A, updating their headshots. The session was fantastic, and I enjoyed every minute with them.

I setup on site in their office. As you can see below, the look was a high key, bright, crisp, clean, and awesome! So many good shots from this session.  Here are a few of them:

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